What is the Total Defense System

The Total Defensive System is for a committed group of serious defensive coaches who want to learn a systematic way of coaching defensive football that has been proven to work in every type of environment from middle school to Division I College.

This is the first kind of defensive football system available using a unique football teaching tool that can reach coaches all over the world. The
3 4 Defense is taught using one set of terminology with every facet of defensive football from daily in-season practice schedules, specific position drill videos, defending the run/pass schemes, and game day strategies and tools taught in intricate detail using the latest technology available.

This entire
3 4 Total Defense System is an all-inclusive, members only resource site that is currently available to all football coaches around the world for a 365 day membership. Every high school, middle school, and youth coach in your system will have their own username/password so they can access the information 24/7 when it fits their schedule best.

Packages include PowerPoint presentations, diagrams, the
3 4 Defense Playbook, key webinars, the drill videos, the package video cuts for each topic, the whiteboard video sessions, the client calls, and the opportunity to solve your issues personally with The Total Defense System and his staff.

Looking for answers? Need a solid, easy system your players will love and get after other teams with? Then this is the defensive system for you. Teams across the country are using this defense and winning state championships! Join today and get immediate access to all the content and support from  The Total Defense System!

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